Notifications for developers

sudo npm install -g splush
/usr/bin/splush -> ../node_modules/splush
splush config key PunchingToniMacaroni
splush push Hello world!
@ Splush success!
cd bananas/
make && make install; splush push "bananas $?"
make... done
@ Splush success!
Hello world!
bananas 0

Getting started

Generate a key

Let's generate a key that you will use to push notifications to this device.

Remember that you can do the same thing on your mobile device, provided that it does support ServiceWorkers (i.e. not apple stuff).

Using Splush

The easiest way to use splush is with the cli app:

npm install -g splush

Configure it with the key we've generated earlier:

splush config key

Send your first splush notification:

splush push heck!

Head over to the docs for some more fascinating options with the cli.


Sending a simple HTTP request can do the trick too:

curl //hi!
That's it!